It is with sincere appreciation that I single out Duane Clayborne, SFD (ret), for his immeasurable advise, support, help and dedication to Engine 16's preservation.  I can not say enough about his many contributions, as well as the fact that he joins me as driver of his former fire engine to many public functions throughout the area.

Pioneer Mutual Hook & Ladder Society Fire Swap Meet

A special thanks to Mike McAfee of for polishing all the diamond plate

I wish to thank Inline Diesel Repair owner Bobby Mraz and his crew, Chris, Jimmy and Dewey for their immeasurable help in the repair and maintenance of the Seagrave and the gracious offer to provide space for its storage.

The following folks have been extremely helpful with the preservation efforts.  It is truly appreciated.

Dep. Chief Lloyd Ogan, Sacramento Fire Department (ret)

​Asst. Chief Scott Williams, Sacramento Fire Department

BC Jonathan Williams, Sacramento Fire Department (ret)

BC Richard Payan, Asst. Chief Dir. of Training, Sacramento Fire Dept.

BC Craig Emery, Sacramento Fire Department

BC Shawn Perry, Sacramento Fire Department (ret)

BC Kim Iannucci, Sacramento Fire Department, Training Academy

Capt. Mike Dumford, Sacramento Fire Department (ret), Communications

Capt. Tony Foo, Sacramento Fire Department, Engine 11

Capt. Joe Chivaro, Sacramento Fire Department (ret), Engine 16

Engineer Duane Clayborne, Sacramento Fire Department (ret), Engine 16

Engineer Craig Barmby, Sacramento Fire Department (ret)

Mark Jones, Sacramento Metro Fire Department, Logistics

Bob Santee, Sacramento Metro Fire Department, SCBA Training

Gil Aymeric, Pioneer Mutual Hook & Ladder Society, Restoration Shop

​Ralph Scott, Scott's PPE Recon, Inc.


A special thanks to Linda Ashley for her love, support and understanding of my unusual hobby of owning a fire engine!