New Battalion Chief

G.A. Ambrose, c. 1941

Proud to be in the fire service! (c. 1925)

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  Fireman George A. Ambrose, 1924

​stationed at Firehouse 5 on Broadway

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$3,120 per year in 1941, adjusted for inflation would be $49,602 in 2015

1. Capt. J. Epling    2. Capt. Thurman Brockman   3. BC Geo. A. Ambrose   4. Thomas A. Deise

           at the Training Tower, 32nd & "L" Street.  Note the Alhambra Theater (top right)

Photograph appeared in the Sacramento Bee (June 4, 1943)

Geo. A. Ambrose (L, standing), Blanche A. Ambrose (front, seated), Chief Thomas A. Deise (standing), Helen Deise (front, sitting), others unknown

​Fire scene 1940s

Director of Training, 1941-1945

Sacramento Fire Department 1940's Historical Plaque located at the 32nd & "L" Street Training Tower

Captain George A. Ambrose, 1930

Battalion Chief George A. Ambrose. c. 1960s

George A. Ambrose, Sacramento Fire Department

Various Newspaper Articles

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Captain's List 1930

George Ashley Ambrose was my grandfather.  He would occasionally take me to work with him in his Fire Chief's car.  The firefighters of Fire Station 5 on Broadway would invite me to climb the ladder truck, an American LaFrance, visit with the crew and have lunch with them.  It is with great respect and admiration that I dedicate this website to his memory.

George Ashley Ambrose served with the Sacramento Fire Department as a Fireman, Engineer, Captain and Battalion Chief from 1924 until his retirement on September 30, 1963

Assistant Fire Chief, circa 1954-55

Letter of Recommendation, 1954