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Compartments and Bays

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Testing the Pump


Date of Manufacture                           October 11, 1974
Date of Delivery                                  October 29, 1974
Date of Service Entry                          January 1975
Model                                                 PB-25068
Serial Number                                     D-73338
Chassis Model                                      P-Series Pumper
Engine Make/Model                             Detroit 8V-71N
Engine Type                                        Diesel
Engine Serial Number                          8VA-287760
Fuel Capacity                                      50 Gallons (US)
Axles                                                   2
Horsepower                                         318
Transmission Type                               Automatic, 4-Speed
Transmission Model                             Allison HT-740
Transfer Case                                      Seagrave, Assembly 108461-3
Brake System                                      Compressed Air
Maximum Speed                                  65 MPH
Tire Size                                             12R22.5
Electrical System                                12-Volt, Dual Battery
Battery                                               (2) Interstate Model 31-MHD, 950 CCA
Pump                                                  Seagrave, 2-Stage, Assembly 430618
Pump Capacity                                    1500 GPM @ 1750 RPM
Pump Intakes                                       (3) 6”, (2) 2.5”
Discharges                                           (6) 2.5”
Preconnects/Crosslays                         (2) 1.5”
Booster Hose                                       200’ 1-inch
Booster Reel                                        Hannay “F-Series”
Siren                                                   Federal Signal, Model Q2B
Horn                                                    Grover #1510, 24” Emergency “Stuttertone”
Beacon                                                North American Signal, Model 400-XR
Rear Beacons                                       Whelen, Model RB6P
Front Warning Light Head(s)                 Whelen Series 900 Super LED [RED]
Light Head Flasher                               Whelen Model ULF22
Warning Perimeter Lights                     Whelen Series 700 Super LED [RED]
Rear Warning Light Head                      Whelen Series 900 Super LED [RED]
Headlight Wig-Wag                               Code 3, Model 360HL
Rear Traffic Advisor                              Whelen TAL65

Traffic Advisor Controller                      Whelen TACTLD1
Deck Lights                                          5” Unity, Model 5AG, 6" Unity Model AG-R-4413
Spotlights                                            6” Unity, Model 340
Turn Signal Fixtures                             Whelen 900 Series Amber Turn Arrow
Paint Color (Lime Yellow)*                   DuPont IMROM Elite 2.8 VOC SS [color mixture 534392 EE]
                                                           *Alternate DuPont [color mixture 769471 EE]
Paint Color (White)                             DuPont [color mixture 837643 EE]